Course 2021/2022

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Tricot Course

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Creative Sewing Course

Creative Course

¿How the courses work?

  • The course follows the Solsona school calendar. An average of 4 classes per month are held per term, taking into account holidays.
  • Groups have a maximum of 6 people.
  • Classes are one hour, one hour and a half or two hours, depending on the enrollment. The schedule is that of the class. If you are late, the class cannot be extended.
  • The fee is paid the 1st week of the month. And it can be done 1/2 month or whole month. An extra class has a different rate.
  • Before the 25th of each month, schedule and fee changes may be made for the following month. For example, you can go from doing 1 month to half a month, or not coming the following month. If we have already started the month, the stipulated fee will be charged.
  • Only classes that have been previously canceled can be recovered. If it is not notified, it will not be possible to recover. Classes can only be made up within a paid month and during the same quarter. Canceled classes cannot be accumulated for a whole month.


1 hour classes (recommended for children under 6 years old) ... 32€
Classes of 1.30 h (recommended for stocking and crochet) ... 39€
2-hour classes (recommended for sewing and creative classes) ... 42 and 45€
Extra classes ... fifteen€
3 hours card ... 2. 3€
6 hours card ... 44€